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Dynaf Curacao
Pletterijweg z/n, Parera
T: (599-9) 736 3299
E: info@dynaf.com
Products   >  General product info on Solar Power

Dynaf started selling Solar installations to her customers in January 2012. The experience of Dynaf with Solar installations dates back to november 2010 when we did our first test installation in Curacao. By now we have done 80 installations for companies like Hector Henriquez, The Dutch Navy, Securitas, the SFT bank and many domestic installations.

Starting June 2014 we also offer Do It Yourself packages. With these Solar Packages we will supply you all materials needed for installation of your Solar set including instructions. By Doing It Yourself you can save on the installation and permit costs of your installation. For more information on the DIY packages, click on this link.

For more information you can check our Solar website www.dynafsolar.com or contact us @ info@dynaf.com.