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Our APC dealership originates from a couple of large projects where Dynaf Caribbean was responsible for the total scope of emergency power. Dynaf Caribbean became an fully certifate APC dealer for Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao and St. Maarten in 2001.

UPS is important for us because it fills the ‘gap’ between the black out and the time generating electricity by the generator. Dynaf Caribbean can provide the total scale of APC. Also repair, changing batteries and warranty is in our scope of work.

In today's "always on, always available" world where businesses can't stop and downtime is measured in dollars, American Power Conversion (APC) provides protection against some of the leading causes of downtime, data loss and hardware damage, power problems and temperature.

APC sets the standard for both home and corporate environments, improve the manageability, availability and performance of sensitive electronic, network, communications and industrial equipment of all sizes.