The first EV charging station on Curaçao!

First Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger in Curaçao has Arrived

Curaçao, April 24, 2019

The future is electric, and it is already here in Curaçao!

Dynaf Group, leader in smart energy solutions in Curaçao, Aruba and Sint-Maarten, aims for leadership in EV charging infrastructure in the Caribbean Region. Dynaf is continuously developing in order to meet requirements of the new energy landscape and the needs of their customers. Electric vehicles are increasingly popular, and therefor there is a demand for easy charging solutions.

The first electric vehicle charging stations in Curaçao, located at Pletterijweg z/n, Parera, Willemstad, are installed as the first two celebrating our 20th year anniversary this year.

During the Dynaf Conference, The Future of Energy on June 5th 2019, we will share more information about D-Point (Your Dynaf Charge Point) and we will have electric cars available for free test rides for those who are 18 or older and have a valid driver’s license.

“Electric Vehicles are well worth the ride,” says Kris Bouwstra, Commercial Director. “Electric Vehicles are not only more efficient and easier on the environment compared to regular cars, they are also becoming increasingly affordable.”

Dynaf is committed to reducing emissions by converting its fleet of cars and work trucks to electric vehicles. Benefits of these vehicles:

  1. Help Curaçao align with the government goals to reduce emissions;
  2. Help Curaçao to access an efficient electric-vehicle charging infrastructure;
  3. Continues the island commitment with the installation of 20 charging stations in 2019.

For more information;

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“The Dynaf technicians came by, and I can now see exactly what I produce and use. I am very satisfied with [Dynaf’s] work and my contact with them was very pleasant.” - Robby Guda (Aruba)
"‘Dynaf’s ‘Storm’ generator has proved indispensable for use on our film sets.” Omar Martha (Instituto Buena Bista)
"Quality service and products, by professionals with the proper expertise and at just the right price. That’s Dynaf!” - Trevor Cors (Mechanical Engineer)

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