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24 Hour Service & Maintenance

Service is what we focus on with our Dynaf Service Departments

The power of partnership, service and skills.

Over the past 20 years at Dynaf we have been striving to provide the best possible energy solutions in the Caribbean to the most isolated locations. Our presence is powerful and always effective. Power is what drives us. Not just electrical power, but the power of partnership, service and skills. That’s why we offer 24 hour service and maintenance.

Clients depend on our solutions to live better, see better and produce more in complete safety. We are not simply satisfied with selling our products but also guarantee their availability and reliability whatever the circumstances wherever the location 24 hours a day.

We think ahead and figure out the smartest approach. From our own warehouses, certified mechanics and our engineers we deliver advanced, innovative and durable solutions with an eye towards the future, whether we are installing a complex system for a bank or hospital, or an off grid solar power system for a home owner.

At Dynaf, tomorrow is not a vague promise, it’s a guarantee.

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Dynaf has a large warehouse with most common parts in stock and a revision workshop to rebuild Volvo Penta and John Deere engines. We also offer assessment services to provide you with the exact equipment needed for your house or business. In order to keep your engine running at its best, we provide 24 hour service and maintenance. For more information please click here or click the button below.

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