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About Us

Who we are?

First of all, Dynaf is a dynamic company based on Curaçao, with offices on Aruba and St. Maarten. Also, we serve Bonaire from our Curaçao headquarters. Above all, our clients count on us for complete power solutions with lifetime maintenance and 24-hour service, driven by an experienced and diverse team of certified professionals. In particular, our main product groups are generators, UPS systems & data centers, marine power and solar power. Finally, the connection between these fields remains the direct or indirect supply of energy: It’s all about power.

In summary, a brief journey through our history:

  • Dynaf as we know it started on Curaçao in 1999 as a one-man operation, mainly providing generators
  • By adding UPS systems in 2002, Dynaf became able to offer complete emergency power solutions
  • In 2005, Dynaf opened a branch on Aruba, followed by one on St Maarten in 2006
  • In 2010, Dynaf started delivering solar panel installations
  • In 2015 Dynaf headquarters moved to a bigger location in Parera
  • In 2017, Dynaf introduced its marine power and parts divisions
  • In 2017, Dynaf bought his own truck
  • In 2019, Dynaf is celebrating its 20th anniversary

Our vision

At first, why do we do what we do?

At Dynaf, we have a clear vision. To sum up, we work hard to:

  • In particularly, become the Caribbean market leader in our field by offering our customers the smartest total power solutions.
  • Additionally, build a large base of business partners to be closer to our customers in the diverse regional markets.
  • Furthermore, to share knowledge within our team of professionals with the ultimate goal to be the right partner for our customers and our colleagues.
  • As a final point, be the number one choice for our customers, an attractive employer for our employees and a preferred company for our suppliers.

Let’s power the future together!

Our values

Socondly, what do we stand for?

It’s all about power. Overall, these values are not merely words; they are the ideals that we live by:

  • Partnership
  • Open and honest
  • Working for the future
  • Everyone
  • Responsibility

What does this mean?


Considering that we are a highly customer-focused company, we are a partner to our clients. Thus, we don’t just sell and install equipment. We care, we listen and provide the best complete power solutions for their specific needs. Additionally, we value partnership between our people. Therefore, our salesforce and the engineers work together closely, making our organization much more than just the sum of its parts. Finally, we partner with our suppliers (usually the manufacturers themselves), creating strategic alliances and a strong supply chain.

Open and honest

The fact that we are certified, well-trained and experienced professionals, we are never afraid to share our knowledge, both in- and externally. For instance, we are transparent in our dealings with customers, which builds satisfaction and trust. Certainly, our internal open-door policy encourages asking questions, which enables our team members to grow and work together optimally. Furthermore, we operate with sincerity and integrity, and our guarantees mean something. Not to mention our strong track record in the market, which proves this beyond all doubt.

Working for the future

Whether we are installing a complex system for a bank or hospital, or a solar power system for a home owner. In either case, we deliver advanced, innovative and durable solutions with an eye towards the future. We don’t just unbox a product and plug it in. Instead, we think ahead and figure out the smartest approach. Since our clients’ continuity is our business, we have the right parts in stock at all times. In addition, our focus on maintenance and service ensures the maximum lifetime of the equipment we supply. At Dynaf, tomorrow is not a vague promise, it’s a guarantee.


Additionally, we embrace diversity and work with people from all cultures and backgrounds. Thus, employing people based on their skills, rather than their ethnicity, makes us a stronger company. Additionally, we are diverse in our product portfolio, which contributes to our success; we don’t depend on just one product group. As a result, this helps us furnish integrated solutions, and it consequently promotes cross selling.


Finally, we take responsibility for the solutions we deliver. This is evident from our lifetime guarantees, 24 hr service, and devotion to maintenance. Also, we motivate our employees to take responsibility as well, to be proactive, and to develop themselves and their careers. In turn, we take responsibility for their well-being. Such as, good primary and secondary benefits, and a focus on safety. Last but not least, we take responsibility for our environment. Not just with our solar division, but in the overall way we do business. As a result, this has won us the prestigious Gladys van Dal-McKenzie environmental award (2018).