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Grid tie Solar systems
A grid tie solar system, means a solar system connected on the existing utility system.

Over the years, many home owners as well as business owners have already experienced the benefits of generating their own solar energy.  The reduction of the utility bills, beside the reducing of CO2 emission, and the advantage of the many sun hours we have got, is the main reason to use Solar panels. In the meanwhile, producing your own solar energy also means that you are not affected by fluctuating energy prices.

Off grid Solar systems
An off grid solar system means a solar system which is connected to batteries to store the energy and is designed to run independent from the utility system.

Energy Storage Systems
To be totally independent from the grid, the solar energy has to be stored in batteries. (Solar) energy storage became more popular over recent years and the demand for independent energy storage systems is still increasing for the future. The battery market already proved to be the next step in the solar industry.
Solar by Dynaf has built a strong track record with residential and business clients who use battery storage systems as back-up and in case of a power failure, and offers different batteries for the application of different systems.

Mini Grid solutions
For customers who are not connected to the grid, Solar by Dynaf offers mini-grid solutions, which can provide electrification in remote locations.
Those mini-grid solutions are able to provide homes, schools, hospitals, telephone- and communication-systems with electricity, and are a solution for many other applications.

Hybrid systems: Solar Energy + Storage of Energy + Generators
The Dynaf Experts developed an extensive know-how in designing hybrid systems, combining different components as solar energy, generators and energy storage.

Our experts weigh every aspect of your hybrid system for the maximum amount of energy within your financial budget. All components work seamlessly together as one integrated system.

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