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Marine Power & Parts

Marine Propulsion, Diesel engines and Filters

With our two main brands Volvo Penta and John Deere, Dynaf provides you with marine engines from two of the leading suppliers of marine engines in the world.

Volvo Penta has been the single most innovative manufacturer of Marine Propulsion engines for more than 100 years.

John Deere has been a diesel engine manufacturer for over 150 years with a long and reliable reputation in the agricultural field. John Deere has been in the marine propulsion market for over 35 years and is renowned for their bulletproof reliability.

Dynaf Marine power

Dynaf as an authorized partner for both brands, can provide you with new engines and parts, handle warranty issues and has the necessary tools and software to examine and diagnose your engines.

For maintenance of your Diesel engines, Dynaf is proud to be a certified Donaldson dealer to provide you with the best quality filters, with a wide variety kept in stock.

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