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Parts & Products

Controllers and Remote Monitoring Systems
For your generator or engine application

Dynaf has a long and successful relationship working with ComAp Controllers.

The main ComAp product categories are: ATS controllers, Generator controllers, Engine controllers, Off-road machinery controllers, Controllers for renewable energy, Accessories, Inventions, Pc tools, Mains protections and Electronic potentiometers.

Hundreds of projects and many years of experience, implementing ComAp controllers for a large variety of solutions ensures that your services stay on, as and when you need.

ComAp controllers have been installed by our technicians in many genset applications ranging from simple stand alone generators to complex high tech installations like hospitals, data centers, utility companies, industries and the financial institutions. One of our key installations is the Central Bank of Curaçao.

One of the main selling points of ComAp controllers are their excellent remote monitoring features which make your equipment easily and immediately accessible.  Reduce unwanted downtime or failures and improve management of your ComAp monitored equipment.

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Switching with ABB

ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies that enables utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact.

ABB manufactures transformers, switchgear, high and low voltage circuit breakers, grids cables and accessories and control products, up to total management systems.

Dynaf is ABB dealer for the Dutch Antilles and has been using the switchgear from ABB in a number of emergency installations throughout the Caribbean in the past, and will keep on using it in the future.

Dynaf is also certified service dealer to install, commision and maintain ABB frequency drives and soft starters for every possible application.

“The Dynaf technicians came by, and I can now see exactly what I produce and use. I am very satisfied with [Dynaf’s] work and my contact with them was very pleasant.” – Robby Guda (Aruba)

“‘Dynaf’s ‘Storm’ generator has proved indispensable for use on our film sets.” Omar Martha (Instituto Buena Bista)

“Quality service and products, by professionals with the proper expertise and at just the right price. That’s Dynaf!” – Trevor Cors (Mechanical Engineer)

Dynaf @ home

Solar energy solutions, off grid systems or just a back-up generator. To be as independent as you wish.

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24hr Service & Maintenance

Our Dynaf service mechanics ensure, you can rely without worries 24 hrs on your machines.

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Parts & Products

Our warehouse & showroom provides the most high quality Parts & Products, for all your needs.

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Lease and Rental

For your fast energetic power demands Dynaf offers you a large variety of renting and leasing options.

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