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Solar by DYNAF

On grid or Independent off grid Solar Energy by Dynaf

Since 2010 Dynaf delivers quality solar panel installations and offers service. Grid tied as well as hybrid solar systems with batteries, become more popular and are full of endless possibilities with solutions for both residential and commercial entities.

Depending on your needs and the possibilities; both roof and ground locations; Dynaf designs your solar system using the best available solutions and brands of inverters, panels, batteries and switchgear.

Due to the need to use generated power at more convenient times and the increasing government regulations, like taxation and feed-in tariffs. As a consequence of this, off grid energy storage is an upcoming phenomenon.

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Given that, independent energy storage becomes more popular. Dynaf has built a track record with residential and business clients who use storage systems as a way to be independent from the electricity grid. With our solar panel installations and service experience, we make sure you get the best solar energy solution. Additionally, Solar by Dynaf offers different types and brands of batteries geared to  your situation.

Furthermore, in remote locations the mini-grid solutions are popular. To sum up, mini-grid solutions are able to provide homes, schools, hospitals, telephone and communication systems with electricity and are a solution for many other applications.

On top of that, for the supply of the right Solar solutions, Dynaf works with SolarNRG in the Netherlands. SolarNRG is totally focused on Solar installations and have their own factory for production and manufacturing of the mounting systems required for tropical and harsh regions.

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