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UPS systems

Always a backup with the right UPS systems (of APC by Schneider) and keep your system up and running at all times.

APC by Schneider Electric understands how to prepare your home or office for the many culprits that place your computer and other electronics at risk. Dynaf offers reliable and complete solutions, ranging from surge protection to battery backup, to keep you up and running at all times in the face of unexpected power surges or sudden loss of power.

Supported and warranted by Schneider Electric, Dynaf can design, deliver and support your entire server room or datacenter in the whole Caribbean with the Enterprise Business line of products.

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Containerized Data Centers

No space, no time and limited budget?
Dynaf provides fast possibilities for complete containerized data centers

Concerns about power and space limitations, capital and operational expenditures can be now addressed through containerized data centers.

AST Modular (now Schneider Electric) manufactures rugged, portable and energy efficient containerized data centers that provide plug & play data center capacity inside an ISO container in a fast and cost effective way.

Datapod is a leading engineer and solution provider of scalable modular data center infrastructure products, professional services and technical support.

The Datapod System is a modular data center that has been engineered for optimum energy efficiency. The design enables the system to be mass manufactured, factory tested and rapidly deployed to meet the growing demand for high performance Data Center 2.0 infrastructure worldwide, whilst reducing the environmental impact and the total cost of the data center facility.